The history of the codex club

The history of the codex club
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Something not a lot of people know about the codex club, is that we've been doing it for a while (the license to the name was filed in Sept 2015). Moving to Baltimore from New York was one of the scariest things I've ever done. My first job was very corporate and utilized my technical graphic design skills, but not as much the creative part of it. To still have fun, I made greeting cards, about cultural events and inspiration around me (Trump, the Kardashians). Some of the coworkers I liked were creating their own illustrations- I started printing some of their designs on the cards too, and set up an etsy shop for us. Did some in-person sales as well, and had a lot of fun. When I left that job late last year, I had to think about the next steps for the club, and what I really wanted it to be. People and experiences come in and out of your life- and it's always been really important to me to document and keep records. That was the whole point behind the name; codex means a written record, the earliest form of books.

Updated the logo from a simple riff of two c's mirrored/interacting, to a fresh version of Mark's family coat of arms. Tossed around the idea of a sort of key-club, or organization that would be a little like a creative workspace. Most of all we want to continue branching into other sorts of products like clothing and home goods. The codex club website blog has been up since the new year, in an effort to connect and share news/inspiration. We hope you'll check it out and keep in touch!


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