the codex club store opening weekend

the codex club store opening weekend
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At long last, after winning the Remington Storefront Challenge back in February (sponsored by Seawall, Howard Bank, Johns Hopkins, and GRIA the Greater Remington Improvement Association)- the store was finally open to the public as of this Saturday September 7th at 10:00am. I’m still impressed people were able to wake up and come over that early, for a group picture and a great day of sales. It was eventful- a shelf fell, and a woman tried to steal a bunch of product and thankfully gave it back when nicely confronted about it. I was happy and grateful to see everyone there milling around.

It was also great the the local CBS station let me come in and hype the opening, which aired the morning before the party. Neighbors Charm City Cakes came by with cupcakes which were a huge hit (and incredibly delicious), Mt Royal Soaps did a custom ‘Baltimore Snowball Soap’ with us, and B. Willow lent us a bunch of plants to decorate the inside- and local Author Allison Robicelli was there signing copies of her book '111 Places in Baltimore You Must Not Miss'.

We’re so proud of not just our brand of items and growth but all the makers who’ve been with us from the start or come to join us along the way- we’re stronger together as a community and I’m inspired and glad to be in Remington every day from now on 11:00am to 8:00pm.


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