January Spotlight: The Year of the Rat

January Spotlight: The Year of the Rat
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Can you believe it's January already? With Thanksgiving falling a little later this year, Christmas and the New Year (and new decade) sort of snuck up on this small boutique business. We've been open in our new storefront for four months now.

And It's the Year of the Rat! As the resident Chinese American in my Baltimore circle of friends, it seems not only pertinent to Chinese New Year but fortuitous that there's been a trend in rat-themed artwork and clothing in my fair city recently. After Trump's comments last year about Baltimore being a rat-infested mess, many city residents and supporters have banded together around this symbol of resilience and gritty survival.

At the codex club, one of the best-selling artists is Matt Fouse, aka Rat Czar- the man behind the BALT Rat (you've seen on countless car bumpers) and 'Baltimore, there's More than Murder Here' (a colorful nicely designed riff off the Reading Rainbow). When he first came to the store to drop off his t-shirts, mugs, stickers and pins, I dropped what I was doing to shake his hand, and told him to me he is a cult icon. It's incredibly hard to have a design become so popular in a city like this, and I admire him and his work very much.


(More than Murder Shirts by Rat Czar)

(I Love/Rat Baltimore Shirts by Rat Czar)

(Balt Rat Patches by Rat Czar)

Another artist Lilibet Wenge makes risograph cards and embroidery at the store, and just released these limited edition handmade New Years Pizza Rat Cards. 

 (New Years Pizza Rat Cards by Lilibet Wenge)



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