A Guide to the Perfect Care Package

A Guide to the Perfect Care Package
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A lot of people are physically distanced from friends and family, and sending them a package is a great way to let people know you’re thinking of them - here is our guide to the perfect care package.

Step 1: Make it Personal

Your care package whether for yourself or your loved ones should be made with the person in mind. The best part about a care package is the thought! Start off with writing a letter about why this care package is being made and why this person matters to you. Seriously, if you’re making one for yourself, write yourself a letter! We can include these notes in all the kits we send out. 

Step 2: Self-Care

You can never truly go wrong with some new beauty products and candles - it can help put you in a calm, relaxing state of mind, and give you the chance to glow-up and feel your best. An easy way to really get comfortable and nest at home is with new coasters, glassware, and mugs.

Step 3: A New Look

When it comes to social distancing, everyone has a different take on getting ready. Some of us like the routine of putting on makeup, doing our hair, and wearing jeans (we support this). Others feel their best selves with no pants and oversized hoodies, or a basic sweatsuit (we support this too). Wherever you fall, it’s always nice to have those extra pieces that can make you feel your best self. Some of our best-selling Baltimore tees by Pangea Printing can be worn with either vibe. The whole team is loving that hair clips are here to stay so why not support local businesses while rocking them?

Step 4: Activities

Especially while social distancing, it’s nice to try out new things to do! Some things our team has been enjoying have been reading, relaxing and doing puzzles.

At the codex club, we’ve made an effort to read more during this time, which is why we were so happy to share these Baltimore books by local authors and printed locally as well. Sending your pals a book you want to read or already love and make your own book club - it’s a great way to connect when you’re looking to get away from technology.

Step 5: Looking Ahead 

Adding something into the care package that will excite you for the future can be a way to keep spirits up. For us, we can’t wait to eat food, hangout with our friends, and support local businesses. A gift card to your favorite shop or restaurant could be the perfect thing. Whether you live in Baltimore or not, you can look ahead and get excited at the opportunity to do the things you loved around town before lockdown.

Thanks again to all the makers that helped make these care packages possible. We know that it has been a challenging time for many so take the time you need to ensure you’re taking care of yourself and your loved ones!

What would you include your care package? Let us know!


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