A Day in Charleston, South Carolina (DAY 2 pt2)

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Here is a video montage of our morning biking through this wonderful city. A lot of people visiting Charleston South Carolina, choose to rent bikes and go by the water, and I completely understand why, now. This is the third part of our earlier road trip posts along the East Coast (see also, Virginia Beach and Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach).

Stayed at the Spectator Hotel, easily one of the best hotels I have ever stayed in or will ever. There was a butler! His name was Chuck and he had the best stories about the city and his life. Even helped us figure out where to go to dinner. Note: there are so many free snacks (My favorite were the benne wafers by Charleston Specialty Foods), and free cocktails in the room (as well as water, coke, and local sweet tea) that you might not get that hungry.

But the weather was wonderful and we could hear a local troubadour singing from City Market nearby, so we wandered down a block or two and saw the night stalls that were open. Through there and another block or two, we made it to Anson Restaurant. Really nice ambience, and a perfect romantic dinner of chicken for him, and grouper for me, by candlelight. On the way back from the restaurant, back through City Market, the singer was now singing 'Perfect' by Ed Sheeran, and I couldn't help but hum a little bit and stop with Mark against a wall to listen to him finish til the end.

Can we just talk about the view one wakes up to?

Brunch was at Butcher & Bee, a super hipster cafe where I got a Lamb Pita and Turmeric Tang juice, and Mark got the Roast Beef Sandwich. Took this photo outside:

'A good time occurs precisely when we lose track of what time it is' -Robert Farrar Capon

Drove to the nearby Shepherd Fairey mural that was still on the wall of their old location, then it was on to Savannah, Georgia.


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