4 Things to Do on the 4th of July in Annapolis, MD

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Did you know Annapolis was the capital of the United States, before Washington D.C.?
So it seemed fitting for our Fourth of July to explore Maryland's Capital, and America's Sailing Capitol.

There is so much history here. Driving in is idyllic and calm, the Naval Academy dominates a lot of the landscape downtown, but there is also a lot to do near the harbor and Main street as far as sightseeing and dining.

1. The Naval Academy. This is first on everyone who comes here's list. Pedestrians are encouraged to come in through Gate 1, on Randall or Prince George Street, approximately a block away from the Annapolis City Dock. Guided tours are available for around $12, and there is a huge gift shop carrying all sorts of USNA, U.S. Navy, and U.S. Marine Corps merchandise. You might not expect to go through the security gates, but it's still a military facility. However, it moves fast. Even if you choose not to take a guided tour, just strolling through the yard is beautiful.

2. The Harbor Queen. Our favorite part of the trip was being on the water and learning about the history of the town from this ship tour. It was a sunny day with lots of people in patriotic regalia. The narrated cruise is 40 minutes and you really do experience Historic Annapolis and the banks of the Naval Academy as well. The view of the Chesapeake Bay Bridges is also really beautiful. The tickets are available on site the day of your cruise, at a Red Umbrella stand on the City Dock.

3. Storm Bros. Cream Factory. There is nothing nicer than a root beer float on a hot, summers day. Just a short walk from the Dock is this hole-in-the-wall gem that made the best treat possible. It ain't Annapolis Ice Cream Factory, but its a lot closer to the two things above.

4. Main Street. However, if you feel like walking a little more, this is the place to do it. So many cute shops along here. I'd park nearby and then walk. Lots of people watching, and souvenirs abound.


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