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    Happy Holiday Season

    Happy Holiday Season
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    Not sure what to get people, but know they like local goods or supporting a small business boutique like ours? We have gift cards availableNo matter what holiday you celebrate, we want to wish you the safest and happiest holiday season yet, and a peaceful, prosperous new year.

    the codex club store opening weekend

    the codex club store opening weekend
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    At long last, after winning the Remington Storefront Challenge back in February (sponsored by Seawall, Howard Bank, Johns Hopkins, and GRIA the Greater Remington Improvement Association)- the store was finally...

    Our Boutique Build-Out Update

    Our Boutique Build-Out Update
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    Come to the opening party Sept 7th at 10am- invite here:   Can't wait to show you the space Seawall Development, Present Company, Partner Contracting and I have been working...

    Remington Storefront Competition Winner

    Remington Storefront Competition Winner
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    The codex club won our new location with the the Remington Storefront Competition this week. Thank you for being part of the club family and I hope to see you at the opening!

    Our Morning News Piece with WJZ, CBS Local Baltimore

    Our Morning News Piece with WJZ, CBS Local Baltimore
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    Click here to watch our morning news piece with WJZ, CBS Local Baltimore! It was so important to talk about all the vendors and organizations we've worked with and I'm really happy this came out to start our new year! #happynewyear #shoplocal very grateful to Linh Bui (who we respect for all her work but in particular her coverage of the Baltimore riots). 


    Trade Show Fun (NY Project Womens, Fame, Moda, Accessories)

    Trade Show Fun (NY Project Womens, Fame, Moda, Accessories)
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    Andrea Chen with The codex club comin to you from the javits center and project women!! Stay with me as I take over for the lovely people at Fashion Mingle-learn more about visual merchandising, network, and see competitive brands and what is trending now! 

    Our Very First Storefront

    Our Very First Storefront
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    We've been working tirelessly on our store location at the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Maryland in time for the Holiday season. Please come by and say hi, we're featuring local makers and artists from Baltimore, as well as national brands we love.

    Vending at the Made in Baltimore Shop

    Vending at the Made in Baltimore Shop
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    Our line at the 'Made in Baltimore' popup shop is featured at 20 W North Ave in the Station North area. We had such a great time vending at the Charm City Night Market and have restocked and grown the inventory for this next event, supporting local artists and makers. If you're in the market for clothing, furniture, and more, for upcoming holiday gifts- they're all made by residents in Baltimore. 

    Vending at the Very First Charm City Night Market 2018

    Vending at the Very First Charm City Night Market 2018
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    The codex club joined the very first Charm City Night Market this year in downtown Baltimore's historic and largely now extinct Chinatown. We sold out of most of our items in the first few hours and have taken it as a learning experience; Always come prepared to sell more! Such a great experience, that exceeded our expectations. Thank you to the Chinatown Collective, point-person Stephanie Hsu, and our neighboring vendors Timpla and Michelle Lu for being awesome to work with! It was a pleasure.

    We Will be at Charm City Night Market

    We Will be at Charm City Night Market
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    Cash me outside! The codex club will be participating in Charm City Night Market from 4-11pm on Sept 22. Please stop by and say hi :)

    Big Hair Don't Care

    Big Hair Don't Care
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    One of my favorite people, and artists the codex club's worked with, is Emily Heron, who made this dress. I wear it all the time. (click here to see it in the shop). Layered it up with my TCC hoops (click here), and snapped some pics for you with my very talented Marky.

    Sneak Peak Sunday

    Sneak Peak Sunday
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    Shot some of the new line this morning - hope you guys love the pieces as much as we do. This is just a sneak preview of our hoop earrings, black pants, and good cat dress- more to come. On the site now!

    What's Your Favorite Season? New Fall Items!

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    Snuggling up with layered sweaters with hot drinks (tea, chai lattes, coffee) and a lap blanket is my happy place. So it's no wonder Fall is my favorite season! There've been so many great finds lately. I think of the codex club constantly, and while we're continuing to make original products, I've been looking at some beautiful, different and creative vendors to keep growing the inventory and...


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    #TGIF Happy Friday codex clubbers. Check in Friday's at noon on the youtube channel. Click to subscribe for news!

    On the Road (Summer Photo Album)

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    Took some beautiful sunset photos from the road recently. Felt really good to update the Shutterstock Portfolio. Please check them out and let me know what you think (click to enlarge).

    Pizza and Pool in Baltimore

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    Home Slyce is a pizza bar in Baltimore that offers free pool and varying kids of pizza and pizza-related food and beverage items. Mark and I went and had a great time Sunday.
    Our recommendations: Beer and Pomegranate Lemonade, and the Strongman Pizza.

    Rise and Grind

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    Good Morning!

    What gets your week started? For me, it's a big cup of Zeke's Coffee in one of my favorite mugs
    Our illustrated 'good cat' is also available on tank tops, socks, dresses, and pillows!

    I'll stream Friday’s at noon from now on, so we can talk about the codex club, how life’s going. I wanna know who you’re dating, how work’s going, what it looks like where you are. If you want me to pray...

    4 Things to Do on the 4th of July in Annapolis, MD

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    Did you know Annapolis was the capital of the United States, before Washington D.C.?
    So it seemed fitting for our Fourth of July to explore Maryland's Capital, and America's Sailing Capitol.

    There is so much history here. Driving in is idyllic and calm, the Naval Academy dominates a lot of the landscape downtown, but there is also a lot to do near the harbor and Main street as far as sightseeing and...

    My Favorite Acting Clips #ThrowbackThursday

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    Here are my top three favorite clips from when I was a younger and funner actress.
    It's not always the safest, most glamorous, or creative- but there were a few projects that I thought, alright this was good.

    1. I play a bitchy college girl to the main character in the beginning of Noah Baumbach's 'Mistress America'. This filmed up in Columbia University and got me my SAG card.

    2. You might remember...

    Things to Do in Panama City Beach, Florida (DAY 4)

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    To check out the rest of our trip, click here,
    Day 1 click here, and Day 2 pt 1 Myrtle Beach and Charleston,  Day 3 Savannah.

    Going South from Georgia, we stopped in Jacksonville and discovered a place called Taco Librethat had the most incredible, huge $3 horchatas and tacos. This was the only restaurant that prompted us to take leftovers with us on the road. And let me tell you, eating pork tacos...

    24 Hrs in Savannah (DAY 3)

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    We had so much fun the whole week before and after hitting this city.
    To check out our preplanning, click here, Day 1 click here, and Day 2 pt 1 Myrtle Beach and Charleston, click the city names.
    (Prints of the photo below, because I'm in love with it, are available here.)

    Savannah was a great place to be immersed in Southern Gothic-ness and it's own definite culture. We've heard so many things from...

    Turning 30 | Skin, Makeup, Hair and Health

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    A Day in Charleston, South Carolina (DAY 2 pt2)

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    Here is a video montage of our morning biking through this wonderful city. A lot of people visiting Charleston South Carolina, choose to rent bikes and go by the water, and I completely understand why, now. This is the third part of our earlier road trip posts along the East Coast (see also, Virginia Beach and Wilmington, and Myrtle Beach).

    Stayed at the Spectator Hotel, easily...

    Surprises at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina (DAY 2 pt1)

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    DAY 2 of our East Coast Road Trip is split up because of just how much happened when we hit the Carolina's. (DAY 1 on Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Wilmington here)

    The rain was coming down really hard, the morning we set off for Myrtle Beach. This city is on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast, and the hub of the Grand Strand, a 60-mile string of beaches. The plan had been to get toes wet at the...

    The history of the codex club

    The history of the codex club
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    the codex club logo
    Something not a lot of people know about the codex club, is that we've been doing it for a while (the license to the name was filed in Sept 2015). Moving to Baltimore from New York was one of the scariest things I've ever done. My first job was very corporate and utilized my technical graphic design skills, but not as much the creative part of it. To still have fun, I made greeting cards, about...

    Williamsburg, Virginia Beach, and Wilmington (DAY 1)

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    DAY 1

    Let me just preface by saying that we planned this entire road trip for a long time! (for example, this entry from February). Lots of hand-scrawled notes and maps and google spreadsheet formats. Right on the cusp of our thirties, we really wanted to make the most of this trip and hope you enjoy the tips we found useful.

    Woke up bright and early Wednesday morning before Memorial Weekend to...

    New Spring Photos on Shutterstock

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    Nothing better than a bright, sunny day in the park with chips. Those and hot dogs are my dream summer diet.
    (FAVORITE BBQ CHIPS are Utz Kettle Classics Smokin' Sweet BBQ Crunchy Potato Chips.)

    Been taking photos around Maryland through the fall and winter so far this year (here's when I posted some in January).

    Just added some new Spring photos to my Shutterstock Profile!

    So so so excited for the...

    When it Rains

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    Isn't it 'April Showers bring May Flowers'?
    Baltimore's been getting an insane amount of rain the last few weeks. There was hail once or twice too. As you can imagine- it adds to a lot more driving time. At least it's not cookie dough.

    Here are three simple ideas I use to try and stay motivated on days like this.

    1. Start Energized. The majority of people wake up and go about their days dehydrated....

    New Summer Items!

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    We have almost twice as many products on the site now, ready for your strong start to the upcoming Summer months. I hope you're going to travel, dream, and explore. That's what I want for myself and everyone I know. After a pretty rough winter, it just seems like time to overcompensate and truly soak up the nice weather.

    Following the Junot Díaz News

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    Following the Junot Díaz news lately after the recent New Yorker piece, and wanted to share my favorite passage by him, below. It’s hard to hear when anyone’s been treated in a way that echoes for the rest of their lives. I will say he put into words what myself and other women couldn't about love and life, for many years.

    “This is how you lose her.

    You lose her when you forget to remember the...

    Enjoying the ☀️

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    Little Havana Restaurante y Cantina off of Key Highway in Baltimore is just a short walk from Riverside Park to the water. Like I wrote in my Presidents Day Brunch Post- there's the coolest huge mural on the wall here with a handwritten headline 'Land of Eternal Spring'. We were definitely in the mood to enjoy the Spring weather, and hopefully it'll stick! It was an ideal date. Not too hot or...

    Walt Disney World Resort Memories

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    This time last year, we were in front of where Harry Truman used to hang out in Florida on a family vacation to Disney World. It was my first time, a bucket list item.

    RIP Barbara Bush. Half of another Gemini couple (George Bush Sr. and her were the longest married presidential couple), and someone who accomplished an incredible amount in her life. She said in 1990 Wellesley College commencement...

    'Fresh Baked Cookies' Candlemaking

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    Did you know that the art of candlemaking is called 'chandlering'?

    I am so proud of this 'Freshly Baked Cookies'candle scent mixture. I have to give Mark credit for helping come up with it- it really does smell like you just made a batch of fresh-baked cookies and it warms the feeling of the whole house. We thought of the concept while living in a hotel for two weeks back in January due to flooding...

    Listening to: 'A Life That's Good'

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    Being from Texas, there are a few country songs that bring me back. Started watching Nashville recently. Really liked the storyline between Deacon and Rayna. This song and 'Sanctuary'; the feels.

    Visiting Our Old High School

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    This post is dedicated to Jenny Lai and her unique, positive vision for herself and everyone around her. We met living down the hall from each other at our arts boarding high school in Natick, MA. We'd have dance parties in her room, hang out in practice rooms, explore together. She always knows what I need, often before I do. My first time in New York was with her to scope out whether we'd want...

    An Ode to IHOP

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    There's a place in my heart for the International House of Pancakes. Doesn't matter what location (for the most part). My favorite one is where I'm constantly trying to convince Mark to take us as a reward for a good morning workout after the gym.

    The best brunch- when I close my eyes and imagine my go-to order at IHOP: steak tips and eggs (poached, cut them in half over your hash browns and...

    Weekend Hiking at Ricketts Glen ️

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    Spent this weekend camping with Mark's family at Ricketts Glen State Park. It's one of the most beautiful places I've seen, with over 22 waterfalls and 13 acres out a few hours from Baltimore, in Pennsylvania. We did this same trip in April last year, when it was warmer. This time, there was still snow on the ground, but it was nice to see the woods in a different way, and feel the crunch under...

    New 'Home is Where the Heart Is' Greeting Card

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    The saying 'home is where the heart is' couldn't be more true. It's always been one of my favorite quotes, and I enjoy making type treatments that form an image, like this. After testing out different materials and ways this could print, I truly believe this is the best way to share this message, and hope you or someone you love enjoys it as well.

    'When I'm all alone or in a crowd'

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    In a quiet place or where music's loud
    If I'm on the road, or in the other room
    That's how you know, I'm thinkin' of you

    When the flowers bloom, when the leaves turn brown
    when the sun is hot, when the snow falls down, down
    when the clouds are gray, and the sky's are blue
    that's how you know, I'm thinkin' of you

    You're always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine
    No matter where I go or what...

    Storm King for our Birthday Last Year

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    'Whip, whip
    Run me like a racehorse
    Pull me like a ripcord
    Break me down and build me up
    I wanna be the slip, slip
    Word upon your lip, lip
    Letter that you rip, rip
    Break me down and build me up

    Don't wanna be the parenthetical, hypothetical
    Working on something that I'm proud of, out of the box

    Whatever it takes,
    'Cause I love the adrenaline in my veins,
    'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains,
    I do...

    California Weekend | Cinequest 2018 & Seeds

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    Mark and I went to California this weekend! The purpose was to see my sister, and attend the ‘Seeds’ film premiere at Cinequest Film Festival. Made it into San Francisco Thursday night and had dinner at ‘wonderful’ a really delicious Hunan Chinese restaurant in Millbrae. Her boyfriend knew the menu well- we had a great time. I’m very proud of the life she’s made for herself there and was happy to...

    ‘But First, Coffee’ ☕️

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    Maybe I should've buttoned up my cardigan to be more professional today.
    Buut... people need to know.

    "If you are reading this then this warning is for you. Do you read everything you're supposed to read? Do you think every thing you're supposed to think?

    Quit your job. Start a fight. Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic."

    Tyler Durden ('Fight Club')

    Presidents Day Brunch and 'Seeds' Film Teaser

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    Spent Presidents Day with literally some of the nicest women I've met since moving to Baltimore. It's one of the most therapeutic things to just talk for a long time, with a good meal and cup of coffee. Here's to more Monday's off.  
    The outside of Order & Chaos has 'a creative cup of coffee' written out on the wall, and I definitely feel revitalized and inspired after a day like this. Little...

    Lip Balm Making Process

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    Just listed a few of these on the site, here - and wanted to share the process.

    The codex club lip balms, were made through Herban Lifestyle and Uncommon Goods. it was so nice knowing exactly what was in this without unnecessary chemicals. Just cocoa buttersunflower oilsunflower oiland spearmint essential oil (and vitamin e from the medicine cabinet). And it feels amazing on your lips. Hope...

    Happy Valentines (Galentines, or Singles Awareness) Day

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    "Unless it's mad, passionate, extraordinary love,  it's a waste of your time.
    There are too many mediocre things in life; Love shouldn't be one of them."
    -Dream for an Insomniac

    Listening to Michelle Obama's Spotify 'Forever Mine' playlist for Barack <3

    "Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate."
    -Mark 10:9

    My favorite gift was this set by Waxing Kara, a local company here in...

    Road Trip Planning

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    Been enjoying planning the most amazing road trip possible for us this summer. 
    We want to go all along the Northeast coast from Baltimore to New Orleans, with a bunch of stops in between (Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, Panama City Beach, and more)
    Here's a little preview of the route:

    I'm using this app called Roadtrippersto scout out everywhere we want to go- it links to Google Maps or the Apple...

    This Time Two Years Ago (I Did an Interview)

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    Around this time two years ago, I did this fun photo shoot and interview with Eliza (Aesthetic Distance) at Hotel Monaco. I'd just moved to Baltimore and thought this lady was so smart and knew everything about the city. Now that Seeds is coming out - I thought I'd re-share some excerpts, below.

    You have a really impressive filmography. Can you tell me about how you got into acting?
    I was a quieter...

    Sunday morning, Rain is falling.

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    let it go – the (by e. e. cummings)

    smashed word broken
    open vow or
    the oath cracked length
    wise – let it go it
    was sworn to

    let them go – the
    truthful liars and
    the false fair friends
    and the boths and
    neithers – you must let them go they
    were born
    to go

    let all go – the
    big small middling
    tall bigger really
    the biggest and all
    things – let all go

    so comes love

    The Best Thing to Order at 'Five Guys'

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    Needed comfort food this weekend- so we checked out our local 'Five Guys'.
    I've always been really confused about what to get because of all the add-ons and unlimited toppings. It's the same when I get salads or frozen yogurt- I make weird decisions and odd combinations that don't always make sense.
    So this time, I looked on my phone in line getting to the register, and found this article by...

    Printable Valentine Designs by Datebox

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    Loving these new printable (free!) Valentines Day cards by Datebox.
    Got these in my email this morning and couldn't wait to give print and customize for my valentine.
    With the holiday less than a week away- the full spread is available on their blog here.

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